Fethiye to 12 Islands 4 Days - 3 Nights


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4 Days - 3 Night

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Turkey is a charming and peaceful country where you can cover up the history of early civilisations, but also feel the mood of market towns and villages. Whether on land or the sea, the scenery is magnificent.

The Mediterranean and Aegean regions are still surprisingly unspoilt. The coastline of southwestern Turkey is consistently taken by sea fans from all over the world as the most wonderful cruising region of the Mediterranean. If you are involved in history and archaeology, you will agree that these shores are like on open air museum.

During your excursion, you will see remains of amphitheatres, markets, churches, tombs and towns of Lydian, Lycian, Carian, Ionian, Dorian, Hellenic and Roman civilisations. In the interest to historical places, you can always find out for yourself what modern life is like in our cozy little Mediterranean towns, and appreciate the local arts and creations.

Boarding in Fethiye Harbour around 15:00. We enjoy some swimming and snorkeling in Turunc Bay or Tarzan Bay. We cruise along a few of the islands towards Tersane Island, with the ruins of a once very important shipyard. We have dinner and spend here our first night.

Bedri Rahmi Bay After breakfast we depart for Cleopatra s Baths (Hamam Bay). Have a swim in the ancient ruins of these Roman Baths. We then cruise to the beautiful Bedri Rahmi Bay, named after one of the first Blue Cruisers who pictured here in 1973 a fish on the rocks. Jump in the crystal water or travel the island. Afterwards, we sail to Flat Island where we have lunch and swim or snorkel in the lightweight water near a little beach. We set sail towards Tersane Bay, with the ruins of a once very famous shipyard. Dinner and our last night on the boat.

Gocek Today we cruise to the Yassica Islands. These tiny little islands don’t have specific names. The biggest one has a sandy beach, and there is a small pool cape off the lagoon. We will then cruise to the tranquil area of Gocek Islands where we can swim, snorkel or just soak up some sun and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. A last swim at Red Island and overnight in Samanlik Bay.

Fethiye Harbour After breakfast, it is time to turn back to the harbour of Fethiye and say farewell to our gullet and crew.

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``Dear Mustafa and Paran Tour, Thank you very much for arranging a 10 days trip for us. Your tour was extremely well, organized and perfectly coordinated. You and your agents were all these to coordinate the trip very well. Thanks and well done. Best wishes.``

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